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Uptime Intelligence Research Agenda

The latest Uptime Intelligence research agenda includes a list all published and planned reports from January 2024 to August 2024, and is focused on Uptime Intelligence primary coverage areas: 1) power generation, distribution, energy storage; 2) data center management software (automation, AI); 3) sustainability, energy efficiency; 4) silicon and systems; 5) resiliency: outages, topology, climate risks; 6) cooling and heat rejection; 7) staffing and skills; 8) security and human risk 

January 2024

Tools to improve power use by IT are underused

Tracking of IT equipment varies widely and often fall short

EU’s EED: proposed reporting revisions

Five data center predictions for 2024

How server power management works

Colocation and public cloud growth masks enterprise expansion

Resiliency versus low PUE: regulators a catalyst for innovation

AI startups innovate in cooling and IT operations

Uptime’s predictions 2022 to 2024 — relevant and actionable?

Air-assisted direct liquid cooling


February 2024

Most operators plan to spend more on rising demand

Critical role for EU data center code of conduct

The role of AI in digital infrastructure management

Managing server performance for power: a missed opportunity

EU battery regulations: what do the new rules mean?

Long shifts in data centers — time to reconsider?

UK prepares resiliency, cybersecurity legislation for colocation


March 2024

Ineffective cyber policies increase corporate risk

Data collection for IT metrics: is the industry ready?

Capacity expands rapidly, but complexity is challenging

Sustainability data exchange in colo and cloud contracts

Cloud outage insurance: assessing policy option

US mandates crypto energy reporting: will data centers be next?

Generative AI and global power consumption: high, but not that high

Confusion reigns over EED May 15 reporting deadline 

EED delegated regulation is finally final


April 2024

Sustainability strategies face greater pressure in 2024

Tutorial 1: Scoping data center cybersecurity

Equipment prices rise despite supply chain improvements

Increased requirements for Scope 3 reporting and energy certificates

Underwater data centers: lessons from the deep

Next-gen refrigerants: another environmental plight?

Time to collaborate on contracts for sustainability

OT protection — is air-gapping the answer?

The threat to data center security from state-sponsored hackers

Scope 3 accounting: once is not enough

Uncertain power demand figures will lead to poor decisions

DLC momentum rises, but operators remain cautious

Maturity model for sustainability downplays site-level resiliency


May 2024

The impact of AI on data center operations (Part I)

Data center sustainability standards (updated)

Uptime Institute Cooling Systems Survey 2024: Direct liquid cooling

A deep dive into certificates for carbon-free energy

Capacity planning for liquid-cooled data centers

Operators are pushing net-zero targets beyond 2030

Anatomy of a thermal runaway

Why DC racks are still rarely used outside of hyperscalers

Is this air cooling's last gasp?

High-impact outages highlight ongoing resiliency challenges

iPDUs: a critical step for next generation efficiency

Complexity versus cybersecurity in the data center


June 2024

Low carbon concrete and steel: volume production is not imminent

Tutorial 2: Identifying and addressing data center cybersecurity issues

Data center water issues - are they critical?

Heat reuse engineering

The science behind effective EOPs

EED member state schedule

Operator concerns over Li-ion safety is growing

Advances in air cooling technologies

AI applications and colo customers demand OT data access

How to create an effective outreach strategy

Water cold plates take a big lead in the small world of DLC

DCIM series (Part 1): what has changed?


July 2024

The impact of AI on data center operations (Part 2)

Uptime Institute Global Data Center Survey 2024

7x24 carbon-free energy: taking your game to the next level

Collecting IT power metrics (Part 2): using software

Established AI software vendors

Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosure & Ecosystem Integrity Score

Case study: ADP cooling efficiency ratio project

Is inferencing a killer app for the edge?

Hardware for AI: what makes it different?

Practical considerations for net-zero accounting in a colo facility

Collecting IT power metrics (Part 3): BMC

Preventing and extinguishing Li-ion fires


August 2024

Data center sustainability versus resiliency

Reimagining power supply and management for data centers

Tutorial 3: Data center cybersecurity governance

The coming of quantum usefulness

Hydrogen power and data centers (Part 1)

The business side of waste heat recapture

Comments on the EED delegated act: what do they tell us about the future of data centers?

IT power and utilization: integrating grid demand and capacity

Hydrogen power and data centers (Part 2)

Hydrogen power and data centers (Part 3) 


(Titles, dates and descriptions are subject to change. Further details and extra reports and updates will be added to further iterations of this sheet as needed and will be available closer to the date of publication.)


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Douglas Donnellan

Douglas is a Research Associate at Uptime Institute covering sustainability in data centers. His background includes environmental research and communications, with a strong focus on education.