Uptime Institute Intelligence

The Uptime Institute Intelligence practice is dedicated to identifying, analyzing, and clearly explaining the trends, technologies, and changing business of the mission-critical infrastructure industry, so that our clients may make considered, well-informed decisions, explore new opportunities, and reduce their exposure to risk.

Drawing on deep practical expertise and research experience over more than 25 years, and a global network of clients, partners, and associates, our team is able to examine the design, operation, and economics of mission-critical infrastructure, the disruptive promise of innovation, and the practical realities of day-to-day management.

How to Access Our Intelligence

UI Network

UI Network is Uptime Institute’s corporate membership community for enterprise IT leaders and data center executives.

Inside Track

Inside Track is our online community where IT and infrastructure experts can interact with peers around the globe.

Custom Research

Uptime Institute Intelligence provides custom research, presentations and reports for corporate clients upon request.