Meet the analyst team

Andy Lawrence

Executive Director of Research

Andy Lawrence is a founding member and the Executive Director of Research for Uptime Institute Intelligence, which analyzes and explains trends shaping the critical infrastructure industry. He has extensive experience analyzing developments in IT, emerging technologies, data centers and infrastructure, and advising companies on technical and business strategies.

Daniel Bizo

Research Director

Daniel Bizo serves as Research Director at Uptime Institute. Over the past 15 years, he has covered the business and technology of enterprise IT and infrastructure in various roles, the past ten years as an industry analyst and advisor. His research includes sustainability, operations, and energy efficiency within the data center, on topics like emerging battery technologies, thermal operation guidelines, and processor chip technology.

Adam Page

Research Affiliate (Operational Resiliency)

Adam Page spent three decades in regulated financial environments, from investment banking (equities research and corporate finance) to private equity and venture capital. He has an MSc in Finance from the London Business School and an MA in Philosophy and AI.

Douglas Donnellan

Senior Research Associate

Douglas Donnellan is a Research Associate at Uptime Institute covering sustainability in data centers. His background includes environmental research and communications, with a strong focus on education.

Dr. Owen Rogers

Research Director for Cloud Computing

Dr. Owen Rogers has been researching the economics of cloud for over a decade as a product manager, a PhD candidate and an industry analyst. Rogers covers all areas of cloud, including economics, sustainability, hybrid infrastructure, quantum computing and edge.

Dr. Tomas Rahkonen

Research Director of Distributed Data Centers

Dr. Tomas Rahkonen is the Research Director of Distributed Data Centers at Uptime Institute. Rahkonen has spent the last 25 years in positions within the telecommunications, mobile communications, and data center sectors globally, and most recently served as the CTO of Flexenclosure, where he managed the design and delivery of prefab data centers across four continents.

Jacqueline Davis

Research Analyst

Jacqueline Davis is a Research Analyst at Uptime Institute covering global trends and technologies that underpin critical digital infrastructure. Her background includes environmental monitoring and data interpretation in the environmental compliance and health and safety fields.

Jay Dietrich

Research Director of Sustainability

Jay Dietrich is the Research Director of Sustainability at Uptime Institute. Dietrich looks beyond the hype to analyze the transformations required in energy and IT systems, data centers and software management systems, and intra-organizational collaboration, both within and between companies, to deliver sustainable data center operations.

Lenny Simon

Senior Research Associate

Lenny Simon is a Senior Research Associate at Uptime Institute covering global trends, sustainability and technologies in critical digital infrastructure. His background includes analysis of green energy regulation and environmental policy.

Max Smolaks

Research Analyst

Max Smolaks is a Research Analyst at Uptime Institute Intelligence. Mr Smolaks’ expertise spans digital infrastructure management software, power and cooling equipment, and regulations and standards. He has 10 years’ experience as a technology journalist, reporting on innovation in IT and data center infrastructure.