About Uptime Intelligence

Actionable insight for the digital infrastructure ecosystem

Uptime Intelligence is a research subscription service offered by Uptime Institute. It delivers in-depth, clear analysis and practical guidance focused on the present and future of data center and digital infrastructure strategies, technologies and operations. Subscribers include enterprises operating their own digital infrastructure and contracting with 3rd parties; providers of colocation, cloud and other infrastructure-as-a-service offerings; and suppliers of technology and services to all operators of digital infrastructure.

The service helps organizations of all kinds to be performant and efficient; to prepare to meet new regulatory requirements; to make informed decisions about where to run workloads; and provides insights to owners, operators, tenants, and suppliers across the digital infrastructure ecosystem.

Uptime Institute, the Global Digital Infrastructure Authority, offers the industry Tier Standard and certifications, management and operations reviews, sustainability consulting services, membership network, educational training and a broad range of risk and performance assessments. Uptime companies include Uptime Intelligence, CNet Training, and LEET Security.