UII UPDATE 192 | Q2 2023
Intelligence Update

Where the cloud meets the edge

Owen Rogers
14 Apr 2023
4 min read

Low latency is the main reason cloud providers offer edge services. Only a few years ago, the same providers argued that the public cloud (hosted in hyperscale data centers) was suitable for most workloads. But as organizations have remained steadfast in their need for low latency and better data control, providers have softened their resistance and created new capabilities that enable customers to deploy public cloud software in many more locations.

These customers need a presence close to end users because applications, such as gaming, video streaming and real-time automation, require low latency to perform well. End users — both consumers and enterprises — want more sophisticated capabilities with quicker responses, which developers building on the cloud want to deliver. Application providers also want to reduce the network costs and bandwidth constraints that result from moving data over wide distances — which further reinforces the need to keep data close to point of use.

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