UII WEBINAR 114 | MAY 2024

On-Demand Webinar

Webinar: Assessing Data Center Sustainability: Benchmarking and Best Practices

The increasing visibility of the data center sector, partly due to the significant growth in aggregate energy use and carbon emissions within the sector, has led to increased scrutiny of data centers’ individual and collective environmental footprint and sustainability strategies by regulators, legislators, customers and investors. In this Webinar, learn how to identify which sustainability initiatives can help reduce the environmental impact and operating expenses of different data center operating modality and deployment architecture without compromising the availability and resiliency of mission-critical digital infrastructure.

About the Presenters

Jay  Paidipati

Jay Paidipati

Jay serves as Uptime Institute's Vice President of Sustainability Program Management, working with organizations on strategies for sustainability planning, implementation, and evaluation. He has 20 years' experience in the areas of sustainability engineering, implementation, management, and advisory. During this time, he has helped organizations assess relevant sustainability needs and craft strategies and plans for implementation.

Jay Dietrich

Jay Dietrich

Jay is the Research Director of Sustainability at Uptime Institute. Dietrich looks beyond the hype to analyze the transformations required in energy and IT systems, data centers and software management systems, and intra-organizational collaboration, both within and between companies, to deliver sustainable data center operations.