Keynote Report

Uptime Institute Global Data Center Survey 2023

The Uptime Institute Global Data Center Survey 2023 reveals an industry that continues to grow in importance and scale, but must overcome a widening range of challenges. Operators face ever stricter regulations and pressure to reduce energy use, along with persistent staffing and supply chain issues. New technologies present a promising way forward — but are expensive and lack standardization and scalability. While investments in efficiency and resiliency are starting to pay off for many organizations, progress is slow with a growing proportion of workloads being outsourced.


  • Average global power usage effectiveness (PUE) levels have remained flat for four years. Further improvements in PUE levels will require a wave of investment.
  • The share of workloads placed in corporate, on-premises facilities has fallen below half — and is expected to shrink further — as more organizations opt for a hybrid approach to IT.
  • More than half (55%) of operators say they have had an outage at their site in the past three years. This continues a trend of steady improvement.
  • About 8% of the data center workforce are women. In the US, this rate is below that of mining and construction.
  • Enterprise operators say data security is the biggest impediment to moving mission-critical workloads to the public cloud.
  • Server rack densities are climbing — steadily, but slowly. Most operators do not have any racks beyond 20 kW.
  • AI in data center facilities will be adopted cautiously. Operators are distrustful of its ability to make reliable operational decisions.

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