UII UPDATE 221 | Q4 2023
Intelligence Update

Large data centers are mostly more efficient, analysis confirms

Jacqueline Davis
John O'Brien
23 Nov 2023
4 min read

Uptime Institute calculates an industry average power usage effectiveness (PUE), which is a ratio of total site power to IT power, each year using data from the Uptime Institute Global Data Center Survey. This PUE data is pulled from a large sample over the course of 15 years and provides a reliable view of progress in facility efficiency.

Uptime’s data shows that industry PUE has remained at a high average (ranging from 1.55 to 1.59) since around 2020. Despite ongoing industry modernization, this overall PUE figure has remained almost static, in part because many older and less-efficient legacy facilities have a moderating effect on the average. In 2023, industry average PUE stood at 1.58.

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