UII UPDATE 241 | Q1 2024
Intelligence Update

EED delegated regulation is finally final

After a long and arduous journey, the European Commission (from hereon referred to as the Commission) has published the final Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) delegated regulation. This regulation details the information and key performance indicators (KPIs) that data center operators must report to the European database on data centres. The Commission has made significant improvements to the regulation between the draft and the final version, clarifying and simplifying data collection requirements, allowing operators to delay the reporting of some KPIs where data is unavailable, and extending the reporting deadline to September 15, 2024. Data center operators now possess the complete EED data reporting obligations.

Operators need to understand that, separate from the delegated regulation, EED Article 12(1), Annex VII obligates them to report on the Annex VII data points for each of their EU data centers by May 15, 2024. These requirements are discussed in Confusion reigns over EED May 15 reporting deadline where Uptime Institute advises operators on how to address this reporting requirement.

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