Briefing Report

EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive: proposed reporting revisions

The European Commission is thundering toward the publication of the final data reporting requirements under the European Energy Efficiency Directive recast (EED, EU 2023/955), which Uptime Institute views as the most important sustainability legislation for data centers that is yet to be proposed. It has released the draft delegated act regulations and annexes (an associated part of the legislation) for comments. This report details the information and key performance indicator (KPI) data that must be reported to the European database on data centres and it will be finalized by April 2024. The reporting deadline of May 15, 2024 remains in place, but some IT data reporting requirements have been delayed.

To comply with the draft delegated act, data center managers must report information on the location, type and key characteristics of their data centers, as well as the KPIs. Reporting requirements and measurement methods stipulated in the delegated act are likely to be replicated (directly or indirectly) worldwide.

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